How to use social media to recruit good people          

How to use social media to recruit good people

June 15th, 2014

Social media is a common place where people meet each other, share information and interact. Social networks cover the entire world, linking people together. Because of their wide member base, they can be used as an excellent advertising tool, more and more companies are using them in recruitment. This article focuses on how you can leverage the power of these social networks in job advertising for your business.

One of the most frequently asked questions is where a company should begin with social media. Below are some well known sites.

Although the scope of social media is huge you will be able to get a massive amount of value from utilizing just 3 of the main websites. This article will explain in basic steps how to start using these to increase the number of qualified candidates which apply for your vacancies.


Twitter is an easy to use website which enables you to send and receive messages known as “tweets”. A tweet is a 140 character massage which can be read by your ‘followers’ (subscribers). Twitter is great for companies looking to promote upcoming job opportunities but there are a few important things to understand before starting out.

Getting started with Twitter

There are two ways to use twitter for job advertising, the first is to sign up for a twitter account and post messages using twitter about the opportunities which you currently have.

For this strategy to be maximally effective you will need to invest some time in building up followers. This article has an outline of the considerations if you decide to take this route. Be aware of the following if you decide to build your employer brand on twitter:

  1. Company Twitter accounts need to be updated frequently in order to build up followers, this will take time
  2. Without interesting information, your twitter account will not get a lot of interest

The Simple Option

A much less time intensive option for job advertising is to utilise a job focused twitter search engine. The easiest to use and most prolific of these is

You can think of twitter job search as a free job board, by logging on to their website you can enter the details of the job you want to advertise and these will then be broadcast using twitter to job seekers. Due to their highly focused user base, and limited time required, this can be an effective strategy.

Using twitter can be an excellent way to attract high quality applicants for your positions, to avoid re-entering each job into a twitter search engine, allows you to broadcast jobs to these search tools as well as many others. Click here to find out more.


Using for recruitment advertising


Facebook is a social network which is also used by millions around the world.

To get started with facebook you can also create a company page by visiting You will be able to include more information about the company and its activities here. People will then become fans and receive updates that you share.

If you need to post a job, you can simply give details about it in the “share” section of your page. Whatever you share will be visible to all your facebook fans so the trick to success on facebook is having as many fans as possible. You can start building up your fans by adding existing employees or suppliers however you should recognise that not all of your employees will want to allow you to see their personal facebook pages.

Posting jobs on your facebook page can be a good way to broaden the reach of your job advertising.

For case study examples of how brands are using Facebook and social networking click here.


A guide for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is similar to facebook but is more business oriented.

Once you have registered personally with linkedIn ( there is a separate area to “post jobs” specifically where you can add job adverts. LinkedIn’s learning centre has an excellent article which introduces you to the basics for adding jobs to the network ( Posting a job which is connected to your profile on LinkedIn costs approximately £130.

To gain more exposure for your jobs you should add as many connections to your network as possible. Click on the “add connections” link to view members with similar likes and preferences or simply visit the home page where some recommended friends will be displayed.

Your friends as well as the other members will be able to view your advertised jobs and also they will be able to submit a CV. As it is more professionally targeted you may find that LinkedIn will generate more responses than both twitter and facebook for certain jobs.

To make advertising on LinkedIn network more straightforward, allows you to add your jobs to the network automatically by broadcasting them to the search engine.

The website allows you to tap into candidates via social media which might not be available via traditional job board advertising. The site will also keep track of all applicant sources, immediately letting you know what’s working.

This article gives you the first steps to utilising social media as recruitment platform and a basic introduction to the possibilities. If you have any examples of successfully using social media in your recruitment campaigns please share them below.