Boosting response rates to online job ads in five simple steps          

Boosting response rates to online job ads in five simple steps

November 16th, 2014

Most of us looking for work or hiring now turn to the Internet before we do anything else. After all, what recruitment or job hunting method could be quicker, more efficient or cost-effective?

Online job platforms such as Simplified Recruitment have transformed the hiring landscape. And now both employers and professional recruiters are increasingly depending on web-based job portals as their primary source of talent. Indeed, sometimes jobs are only advertised online. In other cases, recruitment via the internet can complement other, more ‘traditional’ ways of hiring.

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Hiring online is not only cheaper and quicker – you generally reach a much wider audience than via other recruitment methods. An online job advert is also a great branding opportunity for an employer.

But what are the things you can do to maximise the response rates from online advertising? Here are Simplified Recruitment’s top five tips for enhancing your chances of attracting the best possible pool of talent from your online advertising.

They are taken from the job platform’s new guide to online recruitment, which can be downloaded for free.

    1. Job title and location are key. Most people search based on these aspects, so these are the things which will have most impact on your response rate, and whether or not a candidate decides to click on your ad is based solely on them. When it comes to location, for example, be as specific as you can.
    2. In addition to the first point, include the salary wherever possible. Figures show that if vacancies are advertised with a salary, they are likely to attract over 40% more applications than if advertised without.
    3. Always include keywords. When they are looking for work via one of the big search engines, most candidates will search for jobs using a list of suitable keywords. So, for example, you wouldn’t search for “jobs in Birmingham” but “secretary, legal, Birmingham” to narrow down your search as much as possible. This is known as a “long tail search.” The team at Simplified can help if you are finding it hard to come up with the right keywords – we know the most popular ones for each sector.
    4. Take the time to write a quality advert. Put simply, the best adverts attract the best candidates. If you regularly post quality jobs, written to a high standard, you will ensure a good flow of applicants to fill your existing vacancies as well as openings you may have in the future. Once they have been impressed, they will be looking out for your name again.
    5. Use email alerts. Get candidates to sign up for brief job update emails. This means people receive information about jobs relevant to them and don’t have to trawl through lots of adverts. It’s thought that over 60% of applications are in response to a “jobs by email” notification. Emails summarise jobs, including the title, location and salary, and applicants are invited to click on these opportunities.

To download the full guide, A Helpful Guide to Online Job Advertising, click here.