Is your brand strong enough to attract the best talent?          

Is your brand strong enough to attract the best talent?

November 17th, 2014

When you’re busy hiring, it can be easy to forget the importance of building and protecting your brand as a key part of strategic human resource management. After all, with every piece of online recruitment, not only are you competing for the best talent, you are placing your own brand on public display.

A candidate’s early impressions of your organisation will determine whether they want to apply for the role, and accept it if you make them an offer. Indeed, every interaction will affect their perception of you. (Brand perception, and memory of an organisation, alters dramatically once someone has actually interacted with a business.)

Developing a strong employer brand begins well before the recruiting process, since the applicant may already have a perception of your brand.

As part of your talent management strategy, you need to know your own brand inside out, and the sort of person you want to attract to work for you and retain. This vision for the organisation must also be communicated properly to your staff, who are always your best brand ambassadors. Tell their stories via company newsletters or social media.

Don’t forget that the way your employer brand is perceived can have wider implications for your brand overall. For example, it can filter down to clients. So develop an enviable brand reputation as an employer by playing to your strengths, including, for example, your benefits package. From the outset, show you are a dependable, serious employer who deals with applicants with professionalism. Bear this in mind for your human resource management and keep in touch with candidates well from the outset with consistent, clear communication.

Finally, ensure you give applicants what they are looking for by keeping an eye on current trends such as flexible working.

Wherever you advertise, one key decision is whether to choose a branded listing, which may be more expensive, but can secure the best response. (Luckily, at Simplified Recruitment, we negotiate great deals on this.)

Download our guide to online advertising here – and ask for a call back to discuss your needs in more detail.