Building an effective online recruitment strategy          

Building an effective online recruitment strategy

December 15th, 2014

Online advertising has become a huge portion of modern day advertising. As a result, recruiting strategies have moved onto the internet and most companies are now using the internet as a major recruitment tool. This article focuses on how you can advertise a job online in the most effective way so that your company will be able to get the best result from your online strategy.

1.    Get a “jobs” section in your corporate website

This is the most important part of all, develop a jobs page on your company’s website. You should place a clear link on the main page of your website which links to a list of all your current opportunities.

2.    Utilise an applicant tracking system

A good applicant tracking system will allow you to manage a large volume of applications received online according to your preferences.  This will save you a lot of time. If you do not have an application tracking system, you can use websites such as which will also allow you to broadcast your vacancies to other recruitment sites and reply to candidates who are shortlisted or rejected. See our article on shortlisting.

3.    Use social media

Social media icons
Social media is an excellent way to improve your online strategy. You will be able to use networks such as twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to post jobs. If you have not done it already, it’s advisable to create profiles in these sites and mention your job openings in your status updates. This will give you additional applicants as social networking sites have a huge and diverse member base.  See our article on using social media for recruitment.

4.    Use targeted Job Boards

As part of a broader marketing strategy, it is sensible to select job boards which are relevant to your vacancy and advertise on them. It may be that you are able to find better quality applicants from a more niche job website rather than selecting a generic one however, even within the larger job websites like monster and totaljobs, each job board will have its own different strengths. Using an online job marketing website like will allow you to advertise jobs on multiple different sites. See our article on job board selection for more information.

5.    Reply to applicants promptly

Make sure you reply to applicants promptly so that they are aware of their stage in the process. You can use your applicant tracking system to come up with a set of applicants who qualify for the interviewing stage. This is where websites like are handy, allowing you to shortlist and respond to multiple candidates with relative ease.

A good online advertising strategy involves using a broad range of advertising options. Following the suggestions mentioned here will be a good start to your online advertising strategy and should result in you acquiring more talented candidates.