Benchmark Hiring Report 2015          

Benchmark Hiring Report 2015

November 6th, 2015

In the current labour market, with various skills gaps in different industries, candidates now have the upper hand when it comes to choosing an employer.

In 2014 there were less jobs and more job seekers however 2015 has become much more Candidate Centric, with employers now competing much more for talent. 

Simplified surveyed over 350 hiring managers to find out what methods they were using for their recruitment and the talent acquisition issues they face today.

Our survey clearly illustrates that increased competition for candidates has been identified by most respondents as a significant trend, one which seems to be particularly affecting larger employers.

It seems that many employers are now looking to move away from agency methods of hiring and the survey results indicate that direct advertising on line is a leading source of candidates for many companies. While there are still a number of employers who consider print and offline advertising to be the best source of candidates, most now use a multi channel talent strategy predominantly targeted towards digital media.

What has been particularly interesting is a significant amount of employers using CV databases and social media. This is a new development and we believe these methods will continue to grow in popularity.

As Simplified are able to help employers best present their employer brand across multiple channels, we are well placed to help employers implement and monitor the success of a multi channel sourcing strategy.

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