Writing Job Adverts which Attract the Best Talent          

Writing Job Adverts which Attract the Best Talent

May 22nd, 2016

As the economy improves, and it becomes more challenging to pull in top talent, increasingly, recruiters need to think of themselves as marketers.

Many of the basic rules of advertising equally apply to recruitment ads. Extra effort put into crafting and structuring your advert well will pay off in terms of increased response rates and a higher calibre of candidates.

While no way of structuring your ad is set in stone, you should include the following:

  • Job title – Keep this simple and easily understood and recognisable. Don’t include the salary or location in the title, as this can affect search results ranking.
  • Sector – Unless the role is highly specific to a niche industry, choose a job sector based on the type of job involved, rather than the organisation.
  • Salary – Most candidates will want to know this when doing a job search, and it can be displayed as a range or a fixed sum. You can show benefits too, and be clear on whether the amount shown is per month or an annual salary.
  • Location – See our previous post on location. (Link here?) Include town and county as well as an accurate postcode for the best results. If you prefer not to use an actual postcode, use another one local to where the successful candidate will be based. If you continually use a branch postcode, you will receive fewer quality applications.

At Simplified Recruitment, we like to do things differently. Our system means that you reach many more potential candidates with your recruitment campaign and fill your job vacancies more efficiently. We don’t just put you on one job site but a number of relevant locations online, while making the whole process really simple.

Download our free, handy guide to online handing advertising here, and ask us for a call back to talk about your hiring needs in greater detail.