Sustainable Recruitment within the Education Sector-Simplified          

Sustainable Recruitment within the Education Sector-Simplified

March 6th, 2019

Sustainability is one of the key global issues according to The United Nations and yet Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association Of School and College Leaders, as reported in The Independent, said…the “dramatic” rise in secondary schools in deficit was evidence that many schools have “hit the financial cliff edge” and that, ”This is a direct result of government underfunding and the current situation is unsustainable.”

National news in January 2019 broadcast that almost a third of all state secondary schools are now in deficit (going from 8.1% to 30.3% over the past four years-Education Policy Institute). March 2018 saw the report whereby it was suggested by their accountants that eight out of ten academies were also in deficit.

Even though schools are under such budget pressures, the recruitment of talented and dedicated staff is the linchpin to sustaining the high educational standards all our schools strive for. Having said this, many schools are under staffed, so much so, that four out of five school leaders admitted that they have an issue with recruitment and nine out of ten school leaders revealed that they struggled to recruit Ebaac teachers (School Week) and often fail to recruit first time leaving them no choice but to turn to recruitment agencies to fill their vacancies.

Schools spent £556 million on recruitment agency fees alone in 2015/16, an average of more than £25,000 for every school in England. Making recruiting staff one of the highest budget costs for a school. This level of spend on recruitment is not sustainable or conducive to seeing schools move out of the red and into the black.

More often than not, this is because these teachers are a scarce commodity and are in high demand and so schools need to bite the bullet and be bold and move away from the conventional routes of advertising and try new and innovative ways of sourcing new talent.

80% of those who are looking for a job will use some form of social media during their search; and 92% of companies will use social media platforms as part of their recruitment strategy. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are becoming the norm for recruitment-Simplified will help schools use these platforms confidently to source their most difficult to fill vacancies so they become their recruitment norm. We offer a system that will utilise the latest in advertising technology, enabling schools to recruit quality staff.

By working in partnership with Simplified we will help you achieve a whole school recruitment strategy that will be sustainable for years to come-eliminating extortionate subscriptions and agency fees.