Impact of Brexit on Recruitment across the UK          

Impact of Brexit on Recruitment across the UK

March 11th, 2019

Since the 23rd June 2016 can you remember a day when you didn’t hear the word Brexit every time you turned on the TV or radio? With the constant speculation in the headlines about a deal or no deal and whether Brexit may or may not deliver a deal the nation voted for, my question is-Has anyone really explained or tried to understand the impact Brexit will have for employers and their future recruitment needs?

With EU migration falling by 95% in the last year the country has fewer and fewer EU workers to fill essential roles and this will only get worse until everything stabilises again. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development when they carried out their summer survey found that the median number of candidates applying per vacancy has fallen spectacularly since summer 2017. This decline in the number of candidates applying for a given role was across the whole workforce from low skilled workers to high skilled workers: Low Skilled 24-20, Medium Skilled 19-10 and High Skilled 8-6.

Having said this, some industries will be affected more than others as they heavily rely upon EU workers applying for their roles: IT, Transport, Construction, Care Homes and Hospitals to name a few; with the NHS already warning the government that a drop in EU workers could put patients’ safety at risk.

Whatever the industry though, demand will soon become higher than supply with only a finite number of workers in any given location making traditionally easy to fill posts, hard to fill vacancies. Whilst this may be an advantage to the workers as wages will probably need to increase to try and attract suitable candidates it will be a grave disadvantage to businesses by pushing business costs up; and it does not change the fact that the workforce is dramatically dwindling in numbers across all skill levels making it increasingly important that business source quality candidates for them to thrive under such uncertain times.

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