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  • 20

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  • £20000

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  • 10%

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How are we different from recruitment agencies?


  • We help you best present your employer brand to jobseekers. When working with us you will receive advice and help on how to make sure that your organisation maximises all the branding opportunities you have available from advertising and interacting with candidates.
  • At simplified we represent employers and not the candidates they attract. This means Candidates are yours. You own them fully and will be in complete control of all communications to them. This ownership is one of the core benefits and differences of our approach and allows you to have peace of mind that your talent will become a long term asset.
  • We maximise the use of your budget across as many sourcing channels as possible. Widening your reach and making sure you draw all relevant candidates into your hiring process. We want all your sourcing campaigns generate as many candidates as possible as we see ourselves as your long term hiring partner.
  • We have no incentive to drive up wages. Your rates with us are based on your media needs not your candidates salaries. We work with you to best present all the most compelling elements of your employer brand, ensuring that candidates find your roles appealing and apply.
  • With us you can hire multiple people from your single recruitment campaign without having to pay any more. Costs do not increase at all when making multiple hires for the same role, in the same location.
  • We help you collect and retain all CVs (even those you don't hire) into your talent pool, so you can hire for future vacancies from this pool of good candidates - free.
  • Simplified never poach candidates from you and sell them to other clients. Our process is designed so that once they apply, every candidate you generate is retained by you and is not pitched other similar vacancies.
  • Simplified have a commitment to helping you attract the best talent at the lowest possible rate. We will beat any like for like quote by 10% - allowing you to know you'll always receive the best value hiring solution available.


  • Agents - in order to save money - do not advertise roles for you featuring your employer branding. They use money which is allocated to sourcing candidates for your roles to promote their brand to candidates. Any communication they have with candidates will initially be labelling you as 'their client'. This means prospective candidates may never become aware of your company and allows agents to represent multiple businesses without having to pay for lots of expensive advertising.
  • You don't own or control communication to candidates (even the ones generated by your job advert). Agents want the flexibility to sell the best people they come across to the highest bidder. Recruiters present their brand and proposition to candidates and often pitch them multiple roles across different competing organisations to maximise their chance of receiving a fee.
  • Agents minimise the amount spent on your job in order to boost profits. If you have negotiated a low agency fee percentage, you will often not see the best candidates at all. They will either not be attracted to your roles due to the poor media coverage or the agent will channel the best people off to their other clients who pay more.
  • Agents are directly incentivised to increase wages paid, as they charge a % of what you pay candidates. They also represent the candidate as much as they do the employer so are highly likely to negotiate on the candidates behalf for additional salary or extra benefits.
  • Agents require you to pay hiring fees every time you hire a candidate. 3 hires for the same role in the same location equals 3 times the fees.
  • Agents give you only the details of people you are looking to hire. If you are looking to build up a bank of talent, it will either not be possible, or you will be required to pay significantly more.
  • Agents will pitch other job roles to candidates they have submitted, regardless of where they are in your hiring process. They will also call your hires a few months or years later, and propose new roles at other companies, driving up your staff turnover and costs unnecessarily. These hidden costs make using recruitment agencies massively damaging to your business and even more expensive than they already seem over the long term.